Student of the Month – Anthony Armour

Student of the Month – Anthony Armour

In an effort to recognize those whose contributions make Holberton Tulsa a welcoming, uplifting community, we have created our Student of the Month Program. Students can nominate their fellow peers for going above and beyond in their coursework and support of their fellow classmates. This student upholds Holberton’s values and is determined to see those around them succeed. 

Congratulations to May’s Student of the Month, Anthony Armour! Here are his thoughts about learning at Holberton:

Why choose to learn programming/coding?

Anthony: Software engineering is one of many backbones in technology and is the most exciting space to work in! It’s an excellent exercise for your brain; if you love solving puzzles, programming is likely a great fit.

Tell us about your program and why you’re excited!

Anthony: The future is automation. In time, machine learning and AI will expand happiness and well-being across the globe and has the potential to significantly reduce suffering. Having the capacity to make an impact in this space is exhilarating and genuinely brings me joy everyday.

What is your favorite thing about being a Holberton Student?

Anthony: It’s hard to choose, but my favorite things about Holberton are the amazing peers I get to learn with and the heavy workload that allows us to gain hands-on experience everyday.


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