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Holberton’s Tulsa Software Engineer School has decided to take an innovative approach to educate its students for a career in software engineering. We do this by focusing on and engaging our students in project-based peer learning. As a result, students will develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, project management, time management, researching information, goal setting and learn how to prioritize. Thus, providing our graduates with the academic, cognitive, and professional skills necessary for career advancement.

Software Engineer School
Software Engineer School in Tulsa

Educational Objectives

To accomplish its mission, Holberton is committed to the continual fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • Remain progressive in the development of our educational offerings by staying abreast of changes and trends which appear in the software engineering professions;
  • Utilize innovative approaches and methodologies in a non-traditional educational environment emphasizing a multiplicity of skills;
  • Teach students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, project management, time management, researching information, goal setting and prioritization skill sets;
  • Provide a comprehensive, concentrated, qualitative educational program, which will guide the student through the development of the capabilities needed to meet the employment requirements in an ever-changing technological environment; and,
  • Provide learners with the academic, cognitive, and professional skills necessary for career advancement.


The Admissions Process

Holberton School seeks to admit software engineering students who possess a high school diploma or its equivalent and have demonstrated the capacity or potential that indicates a reasonable probability of success in completing the program offered at the School. To accomplish this, Holberton evaluates all applicants and makes admissions decisions on an individual basis following the admission policies set forth in our catalog.

Almost all of the application process is automated to reduce as much unconscious bias as possible. Students are encouraged to apply for admission as soon as possible for a specific start date. Students must complete the entire admissions process on or before the first day of class for all programs. Students who fail to complete the admissions process four days prior to the first day of class may be required to reschedule to another start date.

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Tulsa Software Engineer Program

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Software Engineering Course in Tulsa, OK

Computer Science & Frontend Web Development Program

Front-end web development defines how we use our computers every day. The work of front-end developers is what helps technology be usable to the average person, and companies with the best, most stable, and most usable sites are the most popular on the web.



Full-stack Web Development Programs

You’ll advance the web development principles and skills introduced in the first 3 sprints of the program. You’ll learn advanced skills in front-end and back-end development including mastering frameworks that are in high demand throughout the industry. Demystify front-end and back-end development with emphasis on cache, authentication, NoSQL, React, responsive design, and accessibility.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Programs

You’ll learn programming in C# and developing interactive mixed reality projects in Unity3D, the world’s leading real-time game engine. While AR/VR is most popularly known for gaming and entertainment, it’s also been adopted outside the tech sector as well, including in the medical, auto, and construction industries. Learn C#, Unity 3D, and concepts including UI design, interaction design, working with 3D assets, animation, and audio to develop interactive mixed-reality experiences.



Linux Programming, Advanced Algorithms, And Blockchain Programs

You’ll learn the full capability of the Linux Kernel API by reproducing C standard library functions and command-line tools as well as diving deep into the fundamentals of network communication, parallel programming, and advanced data structures and algorithms. During the last trimester of this specialization, you will develop your own cryptocurrency by building the entire Blockchain logic and cryptography in the C programming language.


Machine Learning Programs

Machine learning is the process of teaching computers how to learn from data to make decisions or predictions without being explicitly programmed to do so. Students will learn about Python’s Numpy, Tensorflow, Keras, and Pandas libraries applied to the latest problems in computer vision, natural language processing, recommender systems, and more.

Software Engineer School

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