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As Tulsa’s coding school, it is important that our students not only have a foundational understanding of software engineering, but that they have the tools to implement those skills to create functional applications. Working on a capstone project requires everything  from time management and project organization to feature roadmaps, debugging, and user tests.

As our final Demo Day of the year approaches, an event where our students have the ability to present their capstone projects prior to graduation, you can see firsthand what our graduating class is capable of! Our students’ capstone projects represent the culmination of their studies here at Holberton, and we would love to have you attend to see the result of their hard work.

The Demo Day for Cohort 14.5 will take place on Friday, June 17th starting at 10:30a.m. An exhibition hour where guests can interact with the projects and speak with the presenters will take place from 12p.m.-1p.m. Here are the projects you can look forward to:

Park Port

ParkPort is a mobile app designed to attract people to parks by collecting AR Stamps.

Created by Stratton Brooks, Rachel Lewis, Adam Taylor, and Carrison Shoemake


Commodel is an e-commerce store selling 3D/XR Models.

Created by Bree Browder, Simon Sun, Nikki Edmonds, and Brian Kong

Arena Conquest

Arena Conquest is an RPG/RTS sword fighting game in VR.

Created by Jacob Chavera



Phonobook is an app for field linguists to record and transcribe what they hear using the international phonetic alphabet.

Created by Lonzo Cornwell-Rust

Carl and Lewis

Carl and Lewis are an AI voice assistant and a semi-autonomous skid-drive robot.

Created by Anthony Armour


Other projects include Project Penguin() and HERO Analytics



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